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Timing 500 Miles Zolder


Installation in the boxes


Boxes will be available from Wednesday 6pm.


There are some teams, but we have at least 34 boxes available.


Place should not be an issue if you go 2 teams per box. 




Technical Scrutiny


Technical scrutiny is possible from Wednesday 8pm.


You can also go on Thursday morning 7am.


TS is in box 38.




ATTENTION : There is Motor-silence from Wednesday 6pm to Thursday 9am.


So you will have to PUSH your bike to the TS.






After scrutiny you can go to the race-administration (checkered stairs) to get your transponder from Thursday 06.50.


Riders who already participated don't have to fill in documents.


Only new riders have to pass by race-administration.








It will be an early day Thursday because the mandatory briefing is at 07:50 in the briefing room.


This is accessible via the purple stairs.








The timing is really simple :




07:50 : Briefing


09:00 : Warming-up


09:25 : Starting procedure for the 201 laps race


12:00 : Break


13:00 : Restart




Podium ceremony is 20 minutes after the end of the race.





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